Structured Data API

Structured data has a size restriction of 100 KiB including its internals. If the size is more than the permitted size after serialization, an error is returned.

Unversioned, versioned and custom structured data types can be created.

If the size of the data being passed is greater than 100KiB, the versioned and unversioned structured data will ensure that the data is managed and stored successfully. For custom type tags, it becomes the responsibility of the app to handle the size restriction.

Type Tag Description
Unversioned 500 Only holds the latest version.
Versioned 501 Holds all the versions. Older versions can be fetched by specifying a version number.
Custom >15000 Apps are free to use any type tag value greater than 15000.

The content of a structured data can be encrypted using a cipher options handle.

The type tag and ID combination is needed in order to fetch a structured data from the SAFE Network.

The ID of a structured data is a base64 string representing a 32-byte identifier.

A structured data handle is needed in order to work with a structured data and it must be dropped after usage.

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