File API


Field Description
rootPath An enum representation of the root directory (app or drive).
app specifies the app's root directory, while drive corresponds to the SAFE Drive of the user.

For example, /images/sample.png can either refer to /SAFEDrive/images/sample.png or /sample-app-root-dir/images/sample.png depending on if rootPath refers to drive or app respectively.
filePath The full path of the file (e.g. /images/sample.png).


The update file endpoint has been temporarily deprecated. Currently SequentialEncryptor is used via safe_core to write chunks as and when available which does not support taking offsets. Once the self_encryption crate can support taking offsets while also writing chunks to the network as and when chunks are formed, the update file endpoint will be re-enabled. At present the workaround for modifying a file will be to delete and create it again as a new file.

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